Little-Dancing-Devil of Queensland


Ch.Excellent Choice Impish Fire

Ch. Mister Magoo of Blue Tails

Ch.Ivick Whitegold De L'Erette

Gibus De L'Erette



Ch.Tiakina Then He Kissed Me


Ch.Edenmist Rush N Roulette

Ch.Tiakina Tea Firme Please

Dt.JCh.Moorwood Theme of Megnificent Glory

Ch.Riabel Son of A Gun

Ch.Edenmist Rush N Roulette

Maidrin Mhairi Dhu

Moorwood Theme of Another Memory

Ch.Moorwood Handsome Destiny


Ch.Moorwood Theme for a Dream

Ch.Little-Black WeeWee

 of Queensland

Ch.Ely Jones vom Zitadellengraben

Ch. Midnight Caller at Ceirrigh

Ch. Ceirrig Cragsman

Fernslope Queen Bee

Ch. Landovers Cerris

Ch.Swiftlight Otello

Landovers Songbird

Ch. Little-Panacia of Queensland

J.Ch.Vagabund-Ringo vom Aalbäumle

Ch. Midnight Caller at Ceirrigh

Ch. Inka Dream vom Aalbäumle

Little-Babybell of Queensland

Ch. Ely Jones vom Zitadellengraben

Little-Unica of Queensland